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Last updated: 6 September 2018

Extended information on the use of cookies. This cookie policy has the specific purpose of illustrating the types, methods of use and to provide guidance on actions to reject or delete cookies on this website, if desired. To consult the privacy policy for the Sardinia Real Estate website, please refer to this section Privacy Policy.

Cookies are text files that the sites visited by the user / visitor send to his browser and are saved on the device used to access the Site (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Within these files, data are stored to be then retransmitted to the same sites for subsequent visits by the same user. Cookies have the function of streamlining the analysis of traffic on the web or to signal when a specific site or a part of it is visited, to distinguish between them visitors to provide personalized content, and help administrators to improve the site and the user's browsing experience.

Through cookies it is not possible to access other information stored on the devices, even if it is here that the cookies are downloaded. Cookies can not upload codes of any kind, carry viruses or malware and are not absolutely harmful to the user's devices.

The site uses cookies to make their services simple and efficient for users who view the pages of the site. There are various types of cookies, some to make more effective use of the Site, others to enable certain features of the same. Cookies are distinguished in:

Proprietary cookies ("First party"), installed by the same site operator that the user is visiting, in order to allow the user to navigate more efficiently and / or monitor the actions exercised by the same;

Third-party cookies. The user can also receive cookies on his terminal that are sent from sites or web servers, other than the one you are currently visiting, for the same purposes mentioned above.

Cookies are used for different purposes and are differentiated on the basis of the purposes pursued by those who use them. They are distinguished in:

Technical and / or navigation cookies used for the sole purpose of providing a service explicitly requested by the user / visitor, such as storing the language preferences or authenticating, etc. This type of cookie is distinguished in turn in two categories:
Persistent: once closed the browser are not destroyed but remain up to a preset expiration date;
Session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed. These cookies are necessary to view the site correctly and in relation to the technical services offered, will therefore always be used and sent, unless the user does not change the settings in your browser (however, thus disrupting the display of the pages of the site itself ). For the installation of these cookies the prior consent of users is not required, while the obligation to provide the information remains unblocked;

Analytical cookies:used to collect information on the use of the Site by users / visitors (number of visitors, pages visited, time spent on the site, etc.); This site uses this type of cookie to collect information, in an aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and on how they visit the site in order to improve the use of the site and to make the content more interesting and relevant to the wishes of the users. All these data are essential to carry out a site update plan that takes into account the real needs of users / visitors and the technologies they use.

Profiling cookies aimed at creating user profiles allow the site that installed them to monitor the user's browsing also for the purpose of sending advertising or offering services in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the net. For this type of cookie the European and Italian legislation requires that the user must be adequately informed about the use of the same and express their valid consent to use. This Website does not use profiling cookies anyway.

Social Cookie: used to allow interaction with social networks.

Strictly necessary navigation or session cookies
These cookies are essential to allow navigation on the Site and use its features, such as access to the reserved area of the site. Without these cookies, some services can not be used.

Functionality cookies
Cookies allow the site to remember the choices made by the user (for example the language) allowing the user to browse according to their customized choices. These cookies can also be used to store the consent given by the user.

Analytical cookies
These cookies collect information on how users / visitors use a site, for example, the pages visited, error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor. All this information is collected in an aggregate and therefore anonymous form and is used only to improve the functioning of a website.

The Website also uses cookies not managed and controlled by the Owner, as belonging to third parties. It is understood that this site is only an intermediary for third-party cookies, therefore, information on the use of said cookies and their purposes, as well as on how to disable them, are provided directly by third parties.

The accesses and interactions of users on this site are analyzed through the service of Google Analytics with anonymised IP is managed by Google, Inc. Google, Inc. is the relative owner of the treatment, which allows to analyze how the user uses the site. The information generated on the use of the Site (including the anonymous IP address) is transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of examining the use of the site by the user and creating reports on the activities of the site.
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Interactions with social networks
The site may use these services for the sole purpose of allowing users to share the content on the site on social networks or to show their appreciation, as well as to view the geographical map indicating the place where the structure is located or the property concerned, or to show movies. The information acquired from the Site and then transmitted to the social networks are in any case subject to the privacy settings related to each social network. The third parties that own these services may install additional cookies on the browsers of visitors to track user navigation on the network and create profiles on their tastes, habits, choices, etc. Through these cookies, advertising messages can be transmitted to the user's terminal in line with the preferences already expressed by the same user in the online navigation. In any case, the links and links will be clearly visible and identified through the proprietary logo of the widget / plug-in itself and will always be preceded by the acquisition of the user's consent.

Here are the social networks that can be used:

Third party services of Facebook (Facebook, Inc.)::
With this type of plug-in, the browser establishes a direct connection with the Facebook servers and sends the data to Facebook. Whether or not you are a member of Facebook, you are logged in as a member of Facebook. For more information see the privacy policies and cookies of Facebook:
Facebook Privacy
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Third party services of Twitter (Twitter, Inc.):
The "Tweet" button and related services are required for interaction with the Twitter social network and are provided by Twitter, Inc. For more information see the privacy policies and Twitter cookies
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Third-party services of Google+ (Google, Inc.)
Google+ uses cookies to provide the user with sharing functionality on their wall.
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Third-party services of Instagram (Facebook, Inc.)
Instagram uses cookies to provide the user with sharing functionality on their wall.
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Third-party services of Linkedln (LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company)
Linkedln uses cookies to provide the user with sharing functionality on their wall
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Third party services of Youtube (Google Inc.)
Youtube is a video content visualization service managed by Google Inc. that allows the Site to integrate such contents within its pages.
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Google Fonts service of Google Inc.
Google Fonts is a service that allows you to incorporate and display custom font styles and is managed by Google Inc.
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Vimeo of Vimeo, LLC
Vimeo is a social network dedicated to displaying video content and is managed by Vimeo, LLC with the ability to integrate content within its pages Cookies and usage data
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Bings Maps by Microsoft
Bings Maps is a map visualization service managed by Microsoft that allows to integrate such contents within its pages
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At the first visit of the site, the user will automatically display a banner containing the link to the complete information and the request for consent to use cookies. The consent can be given by the user: by clicking the 'Ok' button on the banner, closing the banner or continuing with navigation (consequent action).

Naturally, it is also possible to delete cookies already stored on your computer at any time.

If you want to disable the use of cookies, you need to customize your browser settings according to the procedures described at the following addresses. or use the browser help function:
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

Some cookies are necessary to view the site correctly and in relation to the technical services offered, therefore the deactivation of the site could affect the operation of the site.

If you have already consented but you want to change the permissions of cookies, you must delete them through the browser, because otherwise those already installed will not be removed. In particular, please note that it is not possible in any way to control third-party cookies, so if the consent has already been given, it is necessary to delete cookies through the browser (dedicated section) or by asking for the opt-out out directly to third parties.

For more information, the user can make use of Your Online Choices. Through this service you can get more information on how to delete or manage cookies based on the browser used and to set preferences for use of those of third parties.

Pursuant to art. 13 of the Privacy Code, with respect to the information collected by cookies installed directly from the site we specify the following:

• The holder of the treatment is L’Immobiliare Sardegna sas di Scanu Mario & C. con sede legale in Alghero: Via F.lli Kennedy n. 1, P.I. 01639450905;

• The data are collected only for the purposes and for the duration indicated in the table below and are processed using computer methods;

• As for the "technical" cookies owners reiterates that the use of these cookies does not require the prior consent of the user as these are cookies necessary to allow navigation within the Site and the proper functioning of the same. In case of removal of technical cookies through browser settings, navigation on the sites may not be, in whole or in part, possible;

• With reference to third-party cookies, please note that the purposes of these cookies, the logic to the related processing and the management of user preferences are not determined and / or verified by L'Immobiliare Sardegna snc but by the third party that provides them , as a supplier and data controller.

• For more information about the processing of your data through the site, please visit the Privacy section..

The _gat cookie is part of the Google Analytics analysis and monitoring service. It is a cookie that expires after 10 minutes following the creation or updating. It is used to block the number of requests for analysis scripts so that the user's visits are considered unique.
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The _ga cookie is part of the Google Analytics analysis and monitoring service. This is a cookie that expires after 2 years as a result of creation or updating. It is used to distinguish users.
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The _gid cookie is part of the Google Analytics analysis and monitoring service. This is a cookie that expires after 1 day following the creation or updating. It is used to distinguish users.
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Session session cookies are also used to store navigation data (such as language) and site security. These are cookies that are deleted after the browser is closed.

Collects the successful reading of the cookie policy and its consent. It is a cookie that expires after 1 year following the creation or updating.