• 350 mq.
  • 1 room
  • Energetic class: G - IPE: ≥ 175
  • cod: AeS 0018
  • € 1.000.000,00
  • Tempio Pausania (SS) - BASSACUTENA - Bassacutena

Bassacutena farm for sale

Tempio Pausania locality Bassacutena. Farm for sale. At the heart of Gallura, just 15 minutes from the seaside towns of northern Sardinia Isola dei Gabbiani, a farm of over 71 hectares largely reclaimed and fenced, ideal for raising livestock and agro-tourist activities, vineyards and olive groves. The estate is rich in water thanks to the various springs located in the territory, as well as from wells to augers. Inside the property there are various buildings a farmhouse on two levels, built according to the architectural principles of Gallura of the past (granite structure), various rooms for use as stables and garage, pigsty and tool shed. The view partly towards the Gallura hills and partly towards the Palau sea. Short distances from Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda.