The north coast is washed by the sea that runs through the mouths of Bonifacio, and laps the coasts of the splendid Archipelago de La MADDALENA (island of Budelli, island of Caprera, island of Razzoli, Island of Spargi, Island of Santa Maria), accessible with service Ferries from Palau or with pleasure boats.

The entire archipelago contains natural treasures of great value and the famous Park of La Maddalena Archipelago - protected by the establishment of the Park.

From Palau, along the coast, we can not overlook the village of Porto Rafael, which takes its name from its founder Rafael Meville, Count of Berlanga.

There are numerous tourist resorts that overlook one of the most fascinating seas, especially when the mistral wind beats: Santa Teresa di Gallura mooring point of the Moby Lines ferry lines to and from Corsica; Costa Paradiso place of seaside villas, with spectacular views; Rena Majore; Isola Rossa, once a fishing village, today a tourist resort; Badesi; Castelsardo inserted among the places "The most beautiful villages of Italy, of particular interest for its sea rich in fish and for the architecture of the fortress, with the castle founded in 1102 by the Dorias.

Stintino is certainly one of the most famous places on the North coast, especially for its splendid beach at La Pelosa.

Spiaggia di Budelli